Monday, June 1, 2009

Another Angel in Heaven

The sweet little angel that we knew as Faith passed away in her mommy's arms today. She fought hard and strong and taught everyone who knew her or of her what love, strength, faith, and spirit really is.

This little sweetheart was born the same time as my grandson, Drew. She was in a little crib in the same unit that he was in recovering after his first surgery. Her family went through the same ups and downs and therapies and milestones and much more than we did. Her mommy and Drew's mommy bonded then and have remained in each others lives as they have in other heart families' lives.

The sorrow I feel for Faith's family and for all of the heart families and DiGeorge families that have to bear this immense loss is unspeakable. I will always KEEP FAITH and if you knew the story of this little girl, you would too!

Have fun with grandma in Heaven, Faith! WE LOVE YOU!!!


grammie said...

The sorrow I have for Faith's family is unspeakable. Having a friend like you to help them on this journey will be so important. We will keep them ( and you) in our hearts.
Thanks for all you do.

Drew and Ava's Grandma said...

Thanks for your kind words, MIchelle, but they don't even know me other than as Drew's grandma. My daughter is the one who does so much and I know these babies and families mostly through her.

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