Monday, October 13, 2008

My Sweet Little Ava Girl

Hi Everyone,

I am still waiting to see if there are any other grandmas or relatives of children with CHD and/or DiGeorge Syndrome that need to vent or talk or get encouragement from Drew's, hard, but very successful 4 years,but so far, not really. I wonder if I really am the only grandma who felt soooo alone and scared and unable to ever find anyone who really understood. So, I'll keep my blog up for a while longer, just in case. But, in the meantime I have to write about something so I will write about my day today.

My day started with an hour and a half drive to work. It's usually about 45 min., but today there were fires all over the place causing lots of freeway closures. I was proud of myself, though, because of the 5 people who live in Santa Clarita, I was the only one who even went to work today. Hopefully I earned some bonus points that will make up for all those days I took off for Drew's last surgery. And the days I left with no notice when he was hospitalized over the last few years. And those days I took to stay with Drew and Ava while Andrea and Dan went on a little vacation a few months ago. And the days I'm taking in December to go to Disneyland with them. Come to think of it, driving through horrible traffic is a small price to pay for having the freedom to spend time with my grandkids when I need it.

So, today I was at work feeling frustrated and not too happy when Andrea called to check on me because she heard about all the fires. Hearing her voice cheered me up right away, but then she asked Ava if she wanted to say "Hi" to Grandma. Ava grabbed the phone, said "Hi, Grandma" in her adorable little voice and talked to me on and on about how she wanted to talk to me but Drew didn't. Apparently He was busy playing with his Leapfrog. Isn't that cute? Anyway, it was adorable, maybe only in a way a grandma can appreciate.


JenniferMorris said...

a little bit longer????????? Does that mean you are getting rid of your blog. Please don't!!!! I love feeling at least a little connected to you. We miss you and Steve so much and talk about y'all often. We are still planning our trip to Disney and if I get this part time job it might happen even sooner!!!!

JenniferMorris said...

I got a part time job here at a church as an administrative assistant.

grammie said...

Just needed someone to talk to today.Hope you had a great Mother's day. It was hard for us, Janet couldn't stop crying ,leading to a terrible chain reaction. It was raining so hard when we got to the cemetary things were actually floating! Every day is hard, but watching Janet hurt and knowing there's nothing I can do...sometimes it's more than I want to keep doing.
I just needed to talk to another grandma who loves her babies and I know you do. The new site is not doing much--hoping it will take off soon. Thanks for letting me whine. :)HUGS

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