Monday, October 6, 2008

Lawsuit - Who Cares?

We're being sued for almost $100,000. Our then 17 year old daughter had an accident almost two years ago involving two other cars carrying eight people total. Since she was the one doing the rear-ending, it was deemed her fault, regardless of some very interesting other circumstances. The good news is that our insurance limit is $100,000, so although we are the ones named in the suit, hopefully our insurance will cover it all. The better news is that no one was badly hurt or spent a night in a hospital or broke a bone. That isn't stopping two of the families involved to sue for huge amounts of pain and suffering, however.

Uncharacteristically, I am not too upset over this beyond a deep disappointment at the greed of some human beings and how it saddens me that lying comes very easy to otherwise good people when dollar signs are attached to the lie. In today's society of accumulating money no matter the means, it seems that there is no longer such thing as an "accident" and I'm sad that my daughter is learning that at such a young age. (I'm happy that she is a much more cautious, observant driver now, though.)

The reason I am writing about this isn't to complain about the lawsuit, its because I really learned something about myself when I told a coworker about it. She was shocked at what was happening and at how the legal system works and asked me how I could stand the stress. Without really thinking, I answered that I wasn't really that stressed by it all, only saddened. She asked me how that could be and I told her that after going through what our family has gone though with Drew's three heart surgeries and the last four years of many, many medical ups and downs, even losing my house just didn't seem so important to me anymore. And its true! I have prayed for Drew's health and Andrea and Dan's peace and joy for so long now, that it really is my definition of happiness. If I lose my house, we'll figure something out, if they tax our wages, maybe we'll retire early, what ever happens will happen, but Drew is healthier now than he has ever been. He has come through this last surgery with flying colors after weeks and weeks of a very difficult recovery and Andrea and Dan seem more at peace now than they have been in a long time. Who cares about a silly lawsuit? Not me! It's just not that important in the scheme of things.


Anonymous said...

Thanks mom! I was very stressed out about being sued and especially the fact that its all my fault, but its true that things could be so much worse!! and i learned my lesson. Im one of the best drivers I know now!! Love you


Drew and Ava's Grandma said...


I also think you are a very good driver. The accident was not all your fault, so please don't think that. You were inexperienced and there was other stuff going on. My sister taught me a lesson I won't forget and that is not to mix up what is legal with what is right or moral. They are often two different things. If you learn from your mistakes and try to never repeat them, they make you a better person. I'm proud of the person you are already, though!

Love, Mom

JenniferMorris said...

Its amazing how we learn to try not sweat the small stuff. You are so right that in the grand scheme its not all that important. That's what I try to think every time Jonathan comes home with a ticket LOL!!!!

JenniferMorris said...

okay I tagged you on one of my blogs for 10/9/2008!!

JenniferMorris said...

Okay, I am still trying to figure this thing out to so I hope you get this. Tagged means that the blog I did about snapshots, if you read the beginning it says I tagged you and what that means is that you have to do it as well but with you pictures obviously. I miss you guys so much to and I cant wait to see your snapshot blog if you choose to take the challenge.

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