Saturday, December 27, 2008

Merry Christmas to all !

What a wonderful Christmas I am having.

It all started with Thanksgiving, which I had at my house with all three of my children under the same roof!! We had my brother, Tom, my sister-in-law, Lisa, the Himmelbergers, and our niece, Erin, home for the holidays from UC Santa Barbara.

The following week, Steve, Thomas, and I got to go to Disneyland with Andrea, Dan, Drew and Ava. What a perfect, wonderful day it was! Drew and Ava were as excited as could be and Drew never slowed down, not even once. Dr. Hanley did such a good job with Drew's last surgery he is like a whole different child. I swear, he has even grown taller and is as healthier than I have ever seen him. What a joy! There is definitely hope for all of you heart families out there. Have trust in God and in the doctor's and your little one will be going to Disneyland, too, soon. Without a stroller!

We were able to make a trip two weeks later to Northern CA to see Andrea and Dan and the kids again for a few days. Andrea and Dan had their annual Christmas party while Steve and I took our grandkids to my sister's house in Sutter Creek to spend the night and help decorate their tree. Again, nothng but pleasure! Before we headed up to Sutter Creek, we took Drew and Ava on the Polar Express in Sacramento and they loved every minute of it. To see all of this again, through your grandchildren's eyes is such a wonderful thing to behold. Sounds corny, but it is true.

Rachel checked her grades and did well with her classes last semester, so is moving on to complete her second year at CSUCI. We are very proud of her. Thomas is working hard as general manager of his Fastenal branch in Ranco Cucomonga and is near the top in sales for his district.

I am very happy to find that one of the little heart babies I am following, Leighton, has just moved from intensive care to the CVICU after 4 months in the hospital. They can now hold their little guy any time they want to! He even extubated himself accidentaly last week and has been able to successfully stay that way after numerous unsucessful attempts by the doctors! Congratulations, Leighton, Laine and Rich ( /leightonharper)

I am very lucky and I know it. I wish you all a happy, healthy, peaceful New Year!


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